I specialize in helping people with chronic pain, performance, and increasing joint mobility. Depending on the issue, I can use any number of modalities:


• Myofascial Massage - which targets the fascia that runs through and beneath, as well as surrounding the muscle. Slow, deep, broad strokes are used to help release the tension in tight muscles and relieve pain.

• Craniosacral - which uses subtle movements, especially focused on the spine, cranium and sacrum - to eliminate adhesions in the soft tissue which may be impacting nervous system function. Deeply relaxing.

• Watsu Aquatic Bodywork - A very very relaxing form of bodywork - which, if you have access to a private heated pool, I highly recommend! After placing floats around your ankles, and beginning with a short meditation, I gently move you through the water, using the resistance to gently stretch and mobilize the joints in a variety of positions. Sublime!

Other modalities and fun things to do: Active Release Technique, Stretching, customized facial rejuvenation massage, scrubs, and after-sun skin treatments.


Meet the Business Owner

A Honolulu Native, I have been practicing massage since 2004. I moved to Redington Shores and began offering mobile massage as Sea And Sky in October of 2018.

I'm a graduate of North Carolina School of Natural Healing in Asheville, North Carolina, as well as Central Florida School of Massage in Winter Park, Florida. I have studied various modalities over the years, including Myofascial Massage, Structural Integration, Trager, Sports & Stretching, Craniosacral Therapy, Thai Massage and Watsu Aquatic Bodywork at the Watsu Center near Harbin Hot Springs, CA. I currently live on the beach in Beautiful Redington Shores, Florida. I love the beach life, and I'm continually learning and evolving my practice - incorporating various things I learn along the way, such as performance hypnotherapy and yoga nidra. I volunteer as a therapist at Ironman Triathlons and enjoy SUPing, yoga, graphic design and art.


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