Is Massage effective For Thoracic Outlet Syndrome?

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, or TOS – is characterized by shoulder pain, tingling in the hands fingers – and neck pain. This is one of the main complaints I see in my massage practice! So if you have wondered whether or not massage might be an effective treatment, read on.

According to Wikipedia:
“There are three main types (of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome):  neurogenic, venous, and arterial. Neurogenic is the most common and presents with pain, weakness, and occasionally loss of muscle at the base of the thumb. The venous type results in swelling, pain, and possibly a bluish coloration of the arm. The arterial type results in pain, coldness, and paleness of the arm.

In my massage practice, I generally deal with the most common type – Neurogenic TOS.

TOS is most often caused by inflammation or narrowing of the channels through which certain nerves and blood vessels run from the cervical spine and down through the arm. There are several places along the line where inflammation can impact nerves. These passageways are rather small to begin with – and the soft tissues that line them can become aggravated and inflamed by repetitive motion, or other injury. 

Specific massage techniques that focus on improving circulation, flushing stagnant fluids, and eliminating adhesions in the deeper layers of connective tissue in the surrounding areas – are an excellent addition to your treatment plan (which might, in addition to massage – also include postural changes, dietary changes – or possibly surgery). Improving circulation by ‘flushing’ the tissues with massage helps to reduce inflammation, as the fluids are carried away by the lymphatic system – and eliminating the adhesions in those ‘sticky’ tissues speeds healing and improves mobility.

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